MLB Opening Day 2022

With all the muck and shit (or shitty muck) happening in our present day and age, I’m mighty f’in excited and grateful for another season of Houston Astros Baseball; let’s see what the good guys put forth.
A girl can dream…

Stay well, y’all.

Breathing Orange Fire since 1962-
Luv Ya Orange.

Let’s go Astros.


Slowly getting excited about the season, but this is the least I’ve paid attention to an Astros offseason in 30+ years. Having our home opener like 12 games into the season is weird too.


Are there any group plans for the home opener? I don’t remember seeing anything.

I’m getting excited too. I’m wearing my Astros cufflinks today. Too bad the game won’t start until past my bedtime.

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I have not seen anything either. Of course, it’s possible I’m just not invited.

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It’s because we’re all inviting the servers to sit at our table.

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Fine. I will drink alone. Philistines.

So, I cut the cable cord last month, what is the best or most recommended way to watch the games now?

You know, if you are nice to people, they might be your friends.

DirecTV Stream or FuboTV stream both carry the Astros, I believe. Unsure, as Mrs. Hawk will not let me cut the cord, else we may lose her beloved Hallmark and Murder channels.

What do you use to watch TV now? and a vpn or subscribe to fubo tv

eta: fubo and directv stream are both $70/month which pretty much defeats the purpose of cord cutting


Youtube live which has all three Hallmark channels.

In hindsight, the worst thing that all the live TV streaming services did is debut at such low prices (~$45/month). It tricked people into thinking that signing up with them was the same as cord-cutting.


I thought the purpose(s) of cord cutting were:

  1. Remove that unsightly dish from your roof/yard
  2. Stop complaining about the weather

Unless you choose not to subscribe to 300 services. So, far, I’ve cut $100/month. I haven’t missed anything. Plus, you can take advantage of the free services from your cell phone provider.

Youtube streaming carries a handful of RSNs, but the Astros’ is not one of them.

About the only thing I watch on TV is the Astros. And occassionally other sports. But I’d probably save money by going on road trips with the team, as much as I have to pay for all the crap she watches.

People thought they were ditching paying for channels they didn’t want.

For sports fans, the problem is not being able to pay for channels they do want.


There are three Hallmark channels?

Why the heck are there three Hallmark channels?