Mini Hot Stove

I figured we probably want a thread ahead of the frenzy that will likely take place in the coming weeks. This thing is gonna get hot I’m sure

What do the Astros now have

$40 million below the first threshhold?

So this is what, a bunsen burner?

With a gas can directly above it

Think it’s actually more than that

Edit Spotrac has them at 43.6M under

For the next few minutes. Then an inferno. This should be a fun/interesting couple of days.

Sign Correa now.

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Click on the tweets for more from Crane

Sounds like starting pitching is off the table.

That means a SP will be the first signing.


Pay the man, Crane. You don’t remain an elite team by repeatedly getting cold feet when it comes to paying your elite talent. And none of them in their primes are settling for short-term deals unless you offer a really high AAV to offset the fewer years.

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Buster, so grain of salt but if correct we might see that flurry of moves soon

Buster said on his podcast that he thinks Correa will end up on a short term deal with the Astros

This would not surprise me. I am not sure the market developed like Team Correa expected it to, especially since there were a number of quality short stops on the market this year. Maybe a prudent move for him and it would be excellent for the Astros as they try to extend their current bubble by a couple of additional years.

Rodon to SF 2/44

Not that this has anything to do with his decision.

Kershaw back to the Dodgers

Perhaps he just wants a bigger house, knowing he’s about to become a millionaire.

Carlos may be losing another potential team

If I had waited 10 seconds and scrolled up I would have seen this before posting

There goes one of the non-Correa options. On the other hand, as recently as this morning it was being reported that the Cubs were one of the strongest suitors for Correa so that would seemingly now rule them out.

I’d go with Peña opening day in a heartbeat if Simmons were the alternative

I think he was always viewed as fallback in case Pena stumbled and at $4MM that would have been pretty cheap.