Mihoba Fantasy Baseball League

Well, well, look at what has happened at the top of the league in the last week. It’s hard to keep a good man down.

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Every time I start to think I can play with the big dogs, man, I see what it really takes to compete in this league.

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I’m falling falling falling

Week by week

I really only compete against myself, except I’m losing at that too.

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I (Randy Knorr Fan Club) am shopping Austin Riley. Please feel free to bring an offer if you’re interested in one of the premier young third baggers in baseball. Am looking for starting pitchers.

I can give you an injured one.

Huge trade between Castellanos and Ball Breakers this week. Just noticed it. Way to go, guys, that’s exciting stuff.


I know this is not a public forum but…

I want to resign from the league, and if possible, give a replacement manager time to absorb the workings of it in real time to prepare for next year. First of all, is this possible, and if so, allow you guys to pick the replacement?

As much as I have enjoyed playing, I can’t afford to put in the time it takes to manage a winning team, much less what I have. It does the league a disservice as it is the most competitive league I’ve ever been in. If you can’t find a replacement manager for this season, know that I will still put forth effort to try.

Please respond in kind to let me know what I need to do to help facilitate this.

Derek Bell eerrrrr Outlawscotty.

Well damn, that’s sad news. I’m sure all of us will be sad to see you go. I know I will.

There’s probably someone out there that someone knows who would take over your team - I don’t know anyone right off but I feel confident we can find someone.

First of all, thank you for participating in the league all these years. You’ll be missed.

Second, we will ask if anyone on the forum would like to take over your team immediately. However, since the season is basically four months over, if you don’t mind finishing out this season as we search for a replacement, it would be appreciated. If we happen to find that replacement owner now, we can proceed with transferring ownership provided they would like to take over midseason.

I only asked for someone to take over so that they can learn the intricacies of the league itself, i.e. waiver, scoring, etc. before actually starting a winning campaign next year.

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Understood. It’s just usually a challenge to get someone to take over this late into a season.

If anyone on the site would like to play (either junping in now or for the start of the 2024 season), we have a team available. Just let myself, @Ron_Brand or @BillyD know if you are interested.

Isn’t this particular sub post blocked from most?

No, it’s not. Our group message through the site is because that’s a private message chain.

This is a thread, just like any other thread on the site.

For about a month now I’ve been trying to reel in Rex Bagelman so that I can say that I finished in the top half of the league. But it seems like we pretty much keep moving in lock step and I remain a pretty constant 100 points behind. I don’t think it’s going to happen.


Well, you got me beat. This has been my worst year ever.

You’ve got over 100 innings to play with, enough to be streaming at least a couple of pitchers every day. You can make up 100 points on an extraordinary day, but you can for sure make up 100 points in a week. Dig, man, dig!

And I’ve been trying to break away from you but can’t seem to make any progress either.

Well everyone, the season is now over. Time to start making arrangements to pay the $20 entry fee. Some of you may have already paid. If you have then you are good. I will get to the bottom of it in due time, just haven’t sifted through my emails yet. Please pay at your earliest convenience so I can get everyone paid out.

Please pay via PayPal - if you need my email address to do so just PM me.

Thanks to DV (David) and RB (Mike) for running another great season and congrats to Ron Brand (Mike) & Knoxbanedoodle (Devin) on great seasons. You both had me very nervous…to the point that I traded the best keeper in the league to make a push for championship. I know Mihoba is somewhere looking down on us all with a smile seeing this league has lived on and continues to keep many of us engaged in the great sport of baseball. Again, thanks to all for your participation in '23. Time to focus all our efforts on following yet another Astros Postseason Run!!!