Marlins @ Astros 6/11/22

0-0 in the 2nd

Pena has clanked 2 grounders and Framber just walked in a run with the bases loaded.

Astros look about as uninterested in playing baseball as they ever have.

Another rip right at Pena that he could’ve made a play on but instead went in to left.

Fucking brutal.

Ridiculous inning by Pena, should have been 3-up-3-down.

Regardless, Framber’s got no excuse for the walks and the hanging curve that got lined past Pena.

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Tucker ripped that ball into the corner.

Let’s hope that’s the worst defensive inning we ever see from Peña.


Getting mowed down by a guy with a fucking 6.75 ERA.

Framber not sharp.


Terrible throw, Jose.

Seriously, this team looks completely disinterested in playing baseball today. Fucking awful.

That may be the largest cumulative BMI on a play at second in MLB history.

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Hell of a “slide” by Maldy but man that guy is slooooow.


Thought that call would stick.

How the hell can they overturn on that?

Conspiracy theorists unite !! Marlins keep winning every challenge

Good grief Framber

Altuve double off the wall in left center makes it 4-1.

Another chance at a double play clanked.

Ups and down at the plate are one thing.

Shitty defense adds an unwelcome aspect.

Bregman double but 2B may have been injured on the tag attempt.

Wrist bent back between Bregman and the bag.

He’s staying in.