Marlins @ Astros 6/11/22

And leadoff double is wasted.

This team has a serious Yuli problem.

Well this should be interesting.

Snow coned but caught.

This team has a serious Bregman problem.

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There’s nothing to do but wait it out on Bregman, but I could see a Josh Bell trade by the deadline

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I was convinced the injuries were a huge issue the past 2 seasons.

This year? Is he just in his own head too much?

Whatever it is, he hadn’t been a 3 hole hitter since '19.

Jeebus Jordan.

No stranded runners.

It’s a start.

Bregman has been far below acceptable for three seasons now. Whatever his issues, it’s not injuries or bad luck. He’s been exposed as a well below average major league hitter. And it’s glaring.

Montero has no interest in holding runners.

Well…tomorrow is a new day.

Apt way to end it.

We hope.

Given his contract, he’s far below acceptable. He’s actually an above average hitter overall over the past few years, but he has no business near the middle of the lineup.

We have one guy contributing nothing but walks and singles. Another has more extra base hits than walks. They bat first and third, but completely flipped.

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JV is pitching today.

That’s reason for hope.

Is he also batting?

Shohei Verlandi

Stros averaging 3.9 runs in his starts. You got the over or under?

I’m guessing they score 2.4 today.