Mariners at Astros, September 8, 2021

Youtube game today.

Marwin at 3B, batting 8th

Man I hate these YouTube games

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This is my pre-game bitch: Yesterday Bregman gets 3 hits, drives in 3, turns on the ball like the old days, and blasts a huge game-tying 9th inning home run. Then today he sits.



Plumb tuckered out from all that production.

Reddick would have made that play.

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Since you mention it…Dusty does this all the fucking time, and the players seem to follow his lead. Once he wins a game or a series, he’s content to mail the rest in . Drives me nuts. THESE are the games you have to win.


This has been an ugly start.

Toro with a 2-run double…one out…still in the first.

There the fuck is Toro, dammit!

I remember we had a guy named Toro but not as good as this Toro.

If Urquidy was not in the way, Seager ends the inning with a DP.


I for one really enjoy knowing that I don’t need to tune in after the Astros win a series before the last game.

I am sick of this Toro.

It was all bad luck before Toro. Marwin might have had a play on the single off the bag, as well, and Seager’s infield job was just silly.

I think the YouTube announcers sound like they won a contest drawing to do a game. Or maybe they are paying YouTube.

Three straight changeups to Toro might have been a bad idea.

I am listening to Astros radio while watching YouTube. You can do that using Settings.

I can’t find the settings on the MLB window for YouTube, I’m subjected to the SEA radio team, and they are pure shit.

Good idea.

I have the YouTube app on my TV. Changed the audio track there.