Mariners at Astros, September 8, 2021

Not much of a crowd today.

You can change the audio feed on YouTube online as well. Listening to Ford and Sparks.

Ford and Sparks are discussing the color of the Mariners’ jerseys. They’ve decided that it’s not turquoise, but probably teal.


Teal is like the Miami Dolphins.

It’s technically called “northwest green”. Pantone PMS 329C

Damn. Blistered at em

Please make Kyle Seager go away forever.

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Tucker with an RBI double!

Yordan was dragging a bit.

Whoa close at the plate. Glad the ball got loose.

A bit of a risky send.

The throw hit Yordan…otherwise, it’s probably an out.

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Reddick would have hit it farther.

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Man, that was center-cut

Wow, just wow.

Jose be hackin’

Nice to see Marwin doing good things for the Astros again.

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Altuve 2 for 2 in weak pop-ups