Mariners at Astros, September 6, 2021

Second place Seattle facing LMJ.

Let’s try not to fuck this up.

K, 6-3, F8 in the top of the first.

Kikuchi on the bump.

Altuve walks on 4 pitches.

Bregman F8 just shy of the track; Altuve tags and advances easily.

Dammit, Jose

Picked off by two body lengths.

Alvarez watches Altuve get caught leaning.

Then F7.

That fizzled quickly.

ETA: Altuve took off a beat too quickly and Kikuchi made a nifty throw. He was out by 2 feet.

Lance with a 4 pitch leadoff walk to France.

Toro F7 to Alvarez.

Marmalade walks on a 3-2 pitch 14 feet wide of the plate.

Not ideal but with the way France hits us it’s not the worst thing in the world either.

But you gotta get the guys behind him out.

Hi Kelenic loads the bases on a shiftfuck dp ball.

For some reason they didn’t send France.

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I cannot stand watching McCullers pitch. He drives me nuts.

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Bauers F7, France does not test Yordan.

I feel this way about this entire team about 40 percent of the time.


When he’s hot he’s hot, when he’s not he’s not.

100% curves? High 90s for sure.

4-3 in the shift ends it.

Good grief Lance.

Fucking 5 inning pitcher.

He doesn’t realize that kick ass pitchers don’t have to throw kick ass pitches.