Mariners at Astros, September 6, 2021

Correa walks on 4 pitches.

Don’t get picked off, Carlos.

Carlos takes the customary 84 MPH meatball on 1-0.

Yuli walks on a 3-2 pitch well inside.

Saw a replay of West’s strike call on 3-1 to Yuli yesterday. Holy crap.


Inexplicably terrible.

Was not close

Whoever the shriek monkey in the stands is needs to be kicked in the nuts repeatedly.


Tucker 3-0, walks on a pitch well down and in.

Well, that was… something.

Bases juiced for Diaz, ground ball booted by Toro plates 2 runs.

Nice one!

Diaz up there hacking after Kukuchi threw something like 12 balls and 2 strikes to the first 3 guys that inning. Thank you Agent Toro.


And thank you again.

Toro goes ole, then Jake rakes.

Feed Jake!!

3 run bomb.


Kikuchi served up two absolute meatballs in a row to Jake.

Maldy F8 to deep center

Yusei not fooling anyone.

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Altuve doubles into the LF corner.

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