Mariners at Astros, April 29, 2021

No Yordan, Brantley, Tucker or Maldy. No Lewis or Haniger for the M’s.

Garcia K’s Haggerty
Seager doubles on a long fly ball to LCF
moves to 3rd on a France F8
Marmalejos hits a squibber that backs Correa up, he fires a 2 hop rocket that Yuli makes a nice dig/stretch on to save a run.

End 1.

Altuve K’s on 4 pitches
Bregman walks on 5, Kikuchi not getting the high strike
Carlos takes a mighty hack and misses a 2-0 fastball, then meekly GIDP

0-0, end 1

Baseball things happened while I was in the kitchen, sounded like a quick 10 pitch inning for Garcia with a couple of K’s.

If anyone’s interested in doing PBP, have at it.

Damn, I thought Chaz had that

Slo mo replay: it clipped the top of his glove

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Kikuchi going with the hesitation in his delivery now, gets Yuli down 0-2, works it to 2-2, 6-3 GO
Diaz takes ball 1 and strike 1 (Kikuchi getting the high strike now), rips one at Seager, bobble, still throws out a not running totally full speed Diaz by 2 steps
Jones GO to Seager to end the 2nd

Damn indeed. Had Trammell down 0-2, throws him a 1-2 meaty FB (Castro set up outside, ball ended up middle in), Chas with some hops at the RF wall but not quite enough. HR.

Murphy pops out to Yuli
Haggerty grounds out Yuli to Garcia
Seager Ks

1-0 Mariners, middle 3

Miles got the benefit of a small zone on that base on balls.

That’s being quite generous.

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Castro K and Altuve 4-3 ends the Astros “scoring threat”. They do not have a hit yet.

France singles to CF
Marmalejos and White fly out to LF
Crawford 6-3 to the 2B position

Not sure how long Garcia will go today on short rest, 59 pitches through 4

1-0, middle 4

Kikuchi mystifying the Stros again in the early innings

Bregman foul out to RF, Correa 4-3 and Yuli has the closest thing to a hit so far, thrown out by Seager by a half-step.

The Mariners have 1 more run than the Stros have hits. End 4

Emanuel up in the pen

Surprised he did not get a start.


Garcia finishes strong
K (on a 95mph dart down and out to Trammell)

Hell of an outing.

Diaz just missed that one.

So… the bats can wake up any fucking time now.

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Any. Fucking. Time.

Kikuchi no-hit us for 4.1 2 weeks ago in Seattle.

Abreu comes in and has a 1-2-3 8 pitch inning, F7, liner to Altuve playing rover in RF, and a K.

Jesus Fucking Christ Castro.

What an absolutely shit at bat.


Altuve says “you ain’t seen nothing yet”

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