Mariners at Astros, April 29, 2021

Can we just call it now?

That was an absolute trashfire of an inning.


Kikuchi threw one strike that inning…struck out the side.

Abreu looked so good until about 8 pitches ago

Amazing how fast he went off the rails.

With stuff like that, just throwing enough strikes should get you by.

Wild misses.

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Kalas is fucking ridiculous.

“Kukuchi is throwing the ball right where he wants it.”

As he throws a 91 MPH fastball right down the middle that Bregman took for strike one.


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Come on, guys. We need at least one guy on before we rely on Seattle to botch a double play ball.

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Bad mechanics

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Yup. Looked totally out of sync for a few hitters.


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How the fuck did Correa not go to 3B on that?

What the fuck is Carlos still doing on 2B?

93 right down the fucking middle 2 hopper to end the inning.


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Javier should walk through the dugout dumping coffee on hitters.

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Got a “you look at it” from Blummer. Check it off your bingo card.

At this rate I will walk through the dugout dumping coffee on batters.

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Oh, good. Joe Smith in a one-run game. What could go wrong?

Glad Tucker could get in on strike out parade.

Great job, Tucker! Way to stand up there and get carved up.

Jesus Fuckling Christ, what the fuck?

Altuve gets a center cut fastball and 2 hops to shortstop.

Fucking pitiful.

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I’ll never understand the PH K looking.