Mariners at Astros, 5/4/22

Verlander get the Mariners to go P5, 5-3, K in the top of the first.

Pena with the day off, Diaz at SS. Castro at C.

Bregman punches a 2 out single to right, Yordan draws a walk on a couple of close pitches.

1st pitch slider to Yuli is one we’ve seen him drill to RCF many times. He watched it, then takes a 2-2 97mph FB on the outer half down the RF line for an RBI 2B. Very questionable if that ball was fair or foul (crossed the base on a bounce)

Tucker takes ball 1 then whiffs on 3 straight sliders for out 3.

1-0. Is that enough for Verlander and the pen today?

Middle of 2nd…1-0 Astros

Outs happened, then Toro took a 1st pitch FB to the warning track in LCF, Chaz with a routine running catch for the 3rd out.

PBP is up for grabs, I can’t.

My uVerse signal is going on and off.

Diaz ripped a FB to LF for a single. Castro did something. Chaz walks.

1st and 2nd, 1 out, Altuve has a 3-1 count.

I’m at the office, listening to the sweet sounds of Robert Ford and Steve Sparks

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Castro K. I saw that.

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Altuve walks to load the bases with one out for Brantley…

Ducks on the pond …

Tuve walks on not really close pitches to load the bases for Uncle Mike with 1 out.

Kid on the mound has a great arm and not much of an idea where it’s going.

M. Brantley


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Solid AB from Mike. Fouled off some up and out FBs, got jammed a little and dropped a single into CF. 2 runs score, Altuve safe at 3B.

Flat slider, hanging

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Bregman lines an RBI single to LF.

1st and 2nd, 1 out, Yordan up.

4-0 Stros.

I would hate to be this guy’s elbow. Throws 97, but he loves his slider.


Not to mention 40 pitch innings. I bet it’s not his first with his control issues

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Man, if I could have thrown 97, I would have thrown a lot of them.

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He was effectively wild in Seattle against the Astros. He walked six, but no Astros scored.

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