Mariners @ Astros, June 8, 2022

Game started at 5:40

Urquidy gave up a leadoff BB that went nowhere. (popup, K, K)

Altuve with a good AB, 3-2 BB
Advances to 2B on WP
Brantley gives a 3-2 pitch a ride to C/RCF warning track, Altuve to 3B
Bregman hits a smash to the 3B, Altuve goes on contact, rundown, Altuve out, Bregman to 2B
Yordan RBI single to LCF! First hit by a LHB on Gilbert’s changeup this season.
Tucker grounds out to 2B.

Eventful 1st for the Stros. 1-0 after 1

Groundout and a K
Toro with a 2-out 2B down the line in RF
Trammell lines one hard, right to Tucker, 3 down

Yuli slaps a 2B to RF (had him shaded way over towards CF or it’s a single)
Diaz fouls off 97 down the middle, swings under 96 upstairs, fouls off 97 4 inches outside, flails at a breaking ball that bounces a foot in front of him. Unproductive out.
Siri grounds out to SS, runner holds
Maldy late on a FB & drills it very foul, watches breaking ball in the dirt, drills a hanging changeup 408 of the 409 feet to CF. Thought he might have gotten one…but a running, leaping catch ends the inning.

1-0 Stros through 2

I’m going to the game in Arlington Monday.

Looks like I may get to see JV pitch.

Urquidy is a mess

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Urquidy gives up a 1-out BB, runner moves to 2B on a WP with 2 outs
BB puts runners at 1st and 2nd with 2-outs
Crawford slaps a linedrive single to LF, Yordan definitely has a play at the plate but forgets to field the ball, off the tip of his glove, run scores, 1st/3rd 2 out
Crawford steals 2B on a pitch in the dirt
Another walk. 3 BBs this inning, 4th walk today (career high). Loads the bases.
Frazier flies out to RF to thankfully end it. Could have been worse. 1-1 middle 3

Yep. Aside from the walks, he’s had about 8 3-2 counts. 61 pitches through 3.

HH, you can take over PBP, I gotta prep some stuff in the kitchen.

Cannot do PBP. I’m prepping for something else.

Altuve had no chance. Another horrible send by Pettis.

Exactly. What was he thinking?

That’s twice in the last few games Altuve’s been thrown out at the plate by 20 ft.

Yordan to the rescue.

As Yordan doubles to LCF scoring Bregman

Tucker with an RBI knock.

End of three…3-1 Astros

Yordan bearing down on home plate would give catchers in years past reason to question their life choices.

Well, more reasons.

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My whole life has been a series of questionable choices.

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Toro with a dribbler for an infield single

And we’re tied again

Raleigh with another HR