Mariners @ Astros, June 7, 2022

Verlander goes for his 7th win

JV with a 1-2-3 first

Brantley with a 1-out walk, moves to 2B on a wild pitch and Bregman flies out

I’ll bet you can’t guess how Bregman did with Brantley on 2nd.

No score after one


Frazier with a 2-out single

Toro pops out to end the inning. No score

Astros go weakly on six pitches. No score after two.

End of three…no score

Three straight singles loads the bases with Mariners

Toro grounds into 4-6 FC as Crawford scores. Not hit all that hard and the patented 30-ft Super Slow backhanded flip from Altuve ensures there’s no chance for two.

Too slow to turn that.

Middle of four…1-0 Mariners.

Bregman with the Astros first hit, a 1-out single.

Alvarez walks, two on for Tucker

Tucker with a flair single to LCF, great read by Bregman as he scores to tie the game

That was either the best or the luckiest base running ever.

Great, great read.


Really incredible. They can play that replay all night.

Yuli pops up