Mariners @ Astros, June 7, 2022

Pena with an RBI single!

Castro, runners on the corners, two out…flies out to shallow LF. But the Astros take a 2-1 lead

Altuve with a bloop single down the RF line, falls rounding the bag and just lays there until the throw comes in and he’s tagged out.

Bad luck, and no place to go.

He could have gone back to 1B. Or at least tried.

That was a hard fall. I’m pretty sure it took a second just to figure out he wasn’t hurt.

He tripped, he wasn’t shot. Would have liked to have seen him make an effort there rather than give himself up 10 ft from the bag.

16 feet! He was 16 feet!

This Verlander kid is pretty good.


Not enough to overturn

Can we not walk the bases loaded, Montero?

Thank you, JP3!


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4-1 Astros!

Suck it, Servais.

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Good guys win 4-1

Even without getting all the swings and misses he did before, JV is a man.

It’s so damn fun to watch a pro who knows how to pitch.

I know Wins don’t mean what they used to but - first AL pitcher to 7 wins.

Congrats JV and thank you for coming back


And Servais can choke on a dick.
On a totally unrelated note, that guy may have been the slowest MLB baserunner I’ve ever seen in person. He hit one deep in the hole, and the shortstop paused for a beer and a cigarette and still threw him out by a step.