Mariners @ Astros, June 6, 2022

Javier in the mound.

Rodriguez with a 2-out single in the first

Wild pitch sends Rodriguez to 2B

Crawford doubles to LF, Rodriguez scores

Suarez strikes out to end the inning. But Javier had to fight it. 1-0 Mariners


We’re tied 1-1

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If they insist on wearing these Space City jerseys, they’ve got to show the rainbow socks like Altuve does

I’m telling you, if the pants were a different color, I mean, any color, these uniforms would be just fine.

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Alvarez with a 2-out walk

Yuli grounds out 5-3 on the first stitch. We’ve played one…1-1


Leadoff walk. Bleh

Astro Poll has no option D for Urquidy.

Trammel grounds out 6-3 in the shift, but no shot at a double play. Frazier to 2B

Moore hit by pitch

Javier is a mess tonight.

This is not great

Raleigh crushes a HR to RF to raise his .141 average. 4-1 Mariners.



Javier finally gets through the second, but it wasn’t pretty. 4-1 Mariners.