Mariners @ Astros, June 6, 2022



Keep the gloves, Tuck



Maldonado reaches on a TE6

Maldonado to 2B on a wild pitch

Altuve singles to RCF, Maldonado scores, Altuve out 9-4-6 trying to stretch it

Brantley singles

You think those socks are a conscious nod to the rainbow guts? They sure are bright.

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Bregman looks hungry up there.

That was actually a smart play by Altuve to ensure Maldonado scores. He’d have been out by 12 ft had the throw gone home. Made sure the tying run scored.


He’s had some good swings tonight. No hit to show for it, but he’s hit a few balls hard, one foul and one at em. As he draws a walk.

I was wondering about that. They were either going to throw out Altuve, throw out Maldonado, or throw out neither one. It seems like the smart move.

Yordan just gets under one to fly out to end the inning. But we’re still where we started. 4-4 after two.

They had Maldonado at the plate, had they made a half decent throw. Altuve drew the throw to make sure it didn’t go to the plate. Won’t show up in the box score…

Coach Sampson representing!

Indeed they are, also a nod to rocket engines at liftoff

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To be that ugly they’re pretty cool.

They kind of say “I’m so good I don’t care what I look like!”

1-2-3 inning for Javier. 4-4

They’re ridiculous, but the jersey/pants combo doesn’t work without them