Mariners @ Astros, July 6, 2023

Blanco with a 1-2-3 first.

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Tucker draws a 2-out walk in the first

Wondered where the thread was … thanks for starting it up Hudson

Abreu down on strikes

We’ve played one…no score

I’m here to please.

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Just 13 pitches!
(Spoke too soon; sample size too small…)

Abreu gets down 0-2 so much.

Leadoff walk

Way to go Snuffy.

Blanco throwing too many balls for my liking


Well that sucked. 2-0 Mariners

That ball might as well have been on a tee

Worse news - Texas WAS down 3-1 to Boston but is now tied at the end of 4 innings, 3 to 3

UGLY second inning so far, we need the Astros bats to show up right now!

How much have we missed Brent Strom?

Maybe not that much?

Excellent visit from Josh Miller.

Yainer gets Houston’s first hit tonight.

Chas flies out