Mariners @ Astros, August 16, 2020

Need another good start from LMJ

Alvarez scratched with a boo boo.

Nice way to erase that walk.

Lance walks a man, who is gunned down by Machete. Strikeout end s the top half of the first.

No score

That was a nice play by a Altuve, as the throw was to the wrong side if the bag. Tagging runners has always been an issue for Altuve, but he’s done it nicely two games in a row now.

Springer grounds out

Reddick flies out in the RCF gap…gave it a ride, but couldn’t get down

Bregman with a single

Gurriel singles,SS, Bregs to 3B

Correa…full count…takes a high fastball down the middle for strike three.

No score

If only he would carry an implement to the plate with which he could smite that projectile.

He swung at two pitches out of the zone, then took one in.


Nice barehanded pickup by Correa on the slow roller

1-2-3 second for LMJ

Shed Long and Justus Sheffield are 2 of my favorite names in the game.

So Springer, Tucker, Toro, and Maldonado aren’t hitting their weight. Altuve is barely holding on.

Nice slider.

Helpless if you don’t pick up the spin.

And Altuve has more rbi than Correa.

Man, it’s like no one watches film of Maldonado. They continually try to beat him down and in, and he continually wears out that LF corner


He’ll destroy them all.


Springer with an RBI single makes it 1-0 Astros after two

2-strike HBP, stolen base, 2-strike single ties it up


That single was Odom’s first Major League hit and first Major League RBI