Mariners @ Astros, August 16, 2020

2 strike center ass FB hbp.

Of course he comes around to score.

McCullers getting his nuts squeezed this inning

All five pitches to Moore were in the zone.

“That’s a strike theta not up man.”

Single on an 0-2 pitch makes it 2-1 Mariners

The HBP and both RBI singles came with two strikes. Frustrating, especially after he struck Moore out twice.

2-1 Mariners.

Bad count for Lance that inning.

Tucker is so fucking frustrating. The Astros Have given him every single break possible. And he doesn’t have to hit well, he just has to not completely suck. He just won’t do it.

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I am so tired of this umpiring crew. It’s one thing to get screwed by a crew in one series, it’s another to be stuck with the same group of numbnuts for five series.

Machete with an RBI single! Continues to lead the team in ribbies

New ballgame. 2-2

Look on the bright side…we haven’t had Angel Hernandez.

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Yeah, that would be truly horrible.

Christmas in August! Machete steals 2nd.

Machete with a bag!!

First American League stolen base!

Reddick grounds out to end the inning…but Maldonado flashes the stick and the wheels.

LMJ strikes out the side in the 5th


Leadoff double greets LMJ in the 6th

Mariners on the corners, two out as that’s it for LMJ

Scrubb in…

Scrubb looks like a middle aged Bartolo Colon.

Scrubb gets a fly ball to end the threat.

Still 2-2