Marineros @ Los Astros, Cinco de Mayo, 2024

¡Vamanos, muchachos!

And a leadoff double.

We should have told Brown it was the third inning already.

And a walk

Back to back strikeouts, and there are two away

Ponche! Brown strikes out the side. No score.

Thats so huge for Hunter. I know he had to be thinking what we were all thinking “fucking hell. Here we go again”


Altuve with a leadoff single as the first baseman can’t pick a throw. Servais out arguing something.

Walk to Tucker…two on, nobody out for Alvarez…

Alvarez flies to shallow CF on the first pitch

Two on for Bregman…who you guessed it, GIDP

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In fairness, took a good play by Urias.

Fuck. That was a nice play at 3rd

It was indeed a good play. I just wish Bregman didn’t insist on trying to yank that pitch on the outside corner.

Right sentiment, too early.

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Leadoff HBP

Followed by a walk

Fuck, Hunter. Just because you got through the first doesn’t mean you can dick around in the second


Usually he only has one dick around inning, but today is special.

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Perfect double play grounder to 2B, but…the shift….bases loaded, nobody out.

Now another walk plates a run

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