I wouldn’t say that it has any effect on my emotional well being but I too am curious regarding the construction of the lineups.

Is this a new thing in baseball that these kind of weird decisions aren’t explained? Is this lineup discomfort?

Don’t care about the HRs, but he’s a hitter, and he needs to be in the lineup at 1B/DH/LF/RF damn near every day

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Agreed. I only referenced the homers to show he’s swinging a good bat right now.

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Dusty in all his wisdom just knew that if Diaz and Mancini were on the bench, they could be used back to back in the 8th to set the table to win the game. Altuve just didn’t do his part get a 2 out hit.

Altuve … 2b
Pena /Diaz … SS
Yordan … DH
Bregman … 3B
Tucker … RF
Mancini … 1B
Diaz/McCormick … LF
Vazquez/Maldy … C
Meyers/Dubon … CF

Mancini should never sit.
Vazquez needs 50% of the ABs.
Diaz with 33% of ABS at SS, 50% of the ABs in LF
Yuli a late inning defensive replacement.

You are hellbent to bench Yuli. That will not happen. There is a best lineup which includes Gurriel for most of the starts.

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Right after the trades, they asked Dusty on the broadcast if he was excited to add these new guys, and what roles they would play. Dusty’s answer was basically “I don’t know, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.” Sure didn’t sound like a guy who had been consulted/informed about any possible moves.

He’s the best right handed power hitter in the lineup. My $0.02 is that the first five in the lineup should be:


And then shake out the rest based on who is playing 1B/LF/CF/C and wherever Pena fits in. Obviously Mancini takes up one of those spots (either as 1B/LF or as DH with Yordan in LF) but there are lots of options.

Even in a down year(s-long stretch) Bregman is an OBP machine. Having Mancini between Yordan and Tucker makes bullpen decisions more risky for the opposing manager.

My record-inflation-based $0.02 is they should put Diaz in right, Tucker in center, and Mancini in left, keep Yuli at first and Yordan at DH. Outfield defense takes a (probably untenable) hit but this is my candy-land lineup.


Yordan sits today after his HR last night, and Mancini is playing. If Baker sees them as “either-or,” I am smh.

Meanwhile, Meyers in CF against another LHP. There’s no excuse for this.

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The excuse I see is Baker thinks MLB players all are the same. There certainly is no logic in his daily decisions on who plays.

Machete starting last night and today has me surprised. I know both catchers ended up playing last night but you don’t usually see the starting catcher playing a day game after a night game

I just don’t understand the hesitancy to start Mancini in left. Just one time I would like to see all of Mancini, Alvarez and Yuli start.

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You don’t even have to put Mancini in LF, put Alvarez there and let Mancini DH. The best offensive lineup today would be Altuve, Gurriel, Alvarez, Bregman, Mancini, Tucker, Diaz, McCormick, and Vazquez. Is that such a crazy idea?


Insane - Dusty, probably

Apparently, for right now, both Verlander and Valdez can’t work with Vazquez. He didn’t catch either in the Cleveland series.

However, now is the time to get Vazquez’s feet wet catching everyone on the staff. The usage of Mancini and Vazquez is very frustrating.

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Yep. The only way for a catcher to build repport with a pitcher is, oddly enough, to catch him


Dusty was very defensive over lineup choices today with the media. Obviously does not see Mancini as anything but DH/1B. He’s not going to change. I get the feeling he is hearing these same questions behind the scenes and is tired of it. Our strongest lineup will not see the field if I were a betting man.

My only hope is that now that he’s back in person and around the new players, that maybe, just maybe he can be convinced. I won’t hold my breath.

Perfect. Dusty is an idiot.

Click can stop this nonsense any time he chooses.