Mancini not in it again. Dubon and McCormick are. Will Click ever say something? This is ridiculous.

Verlander’s on the mound, all they need is one run, relax. Mancini usually drives in more than one so he’s not really needed tonight. Also, did you see how many Diaz drove in yesterday? On just one swing? See? Don’t need him today, either.

Why trade for Mancini and sit him on the bench? Put Mancini or Yordan in left.


I think Dusty should play with just 7 guys on the field. Just to make it fair. JV can just K everyone.

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I don’t get it, and it annoys the fuck out of me


Trey Mancini is trending on Twitter.

It’s fucking pissing me off.

Managers decision

Good call to have a standalone thread for venting about lineups. I expect to be doing a lot of it the rest of this year.

Today’s is insane. Mancini sits again? McCormick starts against the righty and sits against the lefty? With his splits???

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Maybe Dusty is a hostage and this is his way of trying to get a message out?

I can’t imagine Click is super thrilled with these lineups. I hope there is alignment between Dusty and the front office on the big picture by the time the playoffs begin.

Jimy W


Dusty is a fucking idiot.


I think AJ and Luhnow worked VERY close together when it came to lineups and roster construction. AJ said as much on the radio the other day. It certainly FEELS like that level of cooperation is missing between Click and Baker.

Don’t start Mancini twice if you need help.

It’s not like Mancini hasn’t played in the outfield in his career. He has played nearly 300 games in the outfield since 2017.

I really can’t explain it. I like to try and see things from the big picture. Nope.

Because starting Mancini is just what they’d expect?

I’m not sure bluffing works in baseball.

It’s absolutely mind boggling Trey Mancini is sitting back-to-back home games despite hitting three homers as an Astro. He can play LF at Minute Maid Park, and starting at DH or 1B are also viable options.

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