LAAAngels @ Astros 9/9

Was that Brownie throwing out the first pitch?

LMJ with a 1-2-3 first.

Astros coming to bat

Lorenzen can’t throw a fucking strike, but has a quick 10-pitch inning

No score


Walk, groundout, walk…Astros with two on, one out for McCormick…

McCormick lines one off of Lorenzen…1-3…runners to 2B and 3B for Hensley…

That was probably a dp without the ricochet.

Hensley…3-0…3-1…walks to load the bases for Maldonado…

Ever since that video of the difference camera angles make on how the fans see pitches, I don’t trust anything the camera shows me.

Maldonado…quickly down 0-2…1-2…2-2…foul…foul…grounds into FC

Lorenzen still can’t hit the side of a fucking barn, throws 30+ pitches, walks three in the inning, but the Astros can’t punch a fucking run in and leave the bases loaded.

No score.

Man, Maldy twice just missed a crooked number.

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Jeebus,McCullers throws one downs the fucking middle for a ball.

LMJ with a quick 3rd

No score

Uncharacteristically efficient for LMJ so far.

God, I saw very bad things happening there.

Lorenzen still a fucking train wreck, yet Altuve hacking.

My gamecast has pitch 4 to Altuve way outside the zone for a called strike - what happened on that

It was a swinging strike

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Astros being no-hit through three…no score

I need more rum

So do the Astros.