KC at Astros - 8-23

From sec 126…Go Greinke!! Go Astros!!


Get your shit together, Greinke

The shift giveth!!

Carlos!!! RBI in that glove.

Now I want RBI with the bats.


Dude… Taylor, you’re 6 foot fucking 7. Go to the fence and line it up instead of drifting for 50 feet then looking like a fucking moron.


Would like to see that caught.

One run on you, Jones.


Our gloves saved a run in the 1st and cost 1 in the 2nd

Well Taylor you owe us one.


That’s terrible.

Strike 3 to Carlos outside?

5 inches in off the plate

Way inside.

Not close.

Correa must’ve fucked this umpires daughter. That wasn’t even close.

The Automated Strike Zone needs to become a reality ASAP


Jake smacked it pretty good.

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I’m sick and tired of Daniel Lynch and his 5 + ERA looking like Cy Young against the Astros.

He seems to do that regularly. When he makes contact.

This break in the action brought to you by Academy and Whataburger:

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