Jays @ Astros, April 22, 2022

Hoping for more than two baserunners tonight.

Finally figured out how to open the roof.


1-out walk to Bichette.

Bichette caught stealing to end the inning

No score

OK, I got my radio and tv synched up and am ready for the bats to do something.

Can the good version of the Astros’ offense show up tonight?

Would help if you don’t swing at a pitcher’s pitch in a 2-1 count.

After two weak groundouts, Bregman singles to LF. So no perfecto.

Alvarez lines out on the next pitch. Astros go quickly in the first. No score.

Went inside to make an El Presidente, and came back with two out and 0-2 on Bregman.

Looks like another ugly night with this pathetic offense.

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Peña with a blue star play to his backhand!

That was impressive from the rook. He’s been one of the best Astros to start this season. It’s the guys expected to produce at a high level that aren’t getting the job done.

Blue Jays challenging foul ball was a home run…

Bagwell says he doesn’t want to jinx JV vs Chapman, then he and Ford proceed to immediately do exactly that, then Chapman bombs one hopefully juuuuust foul.

Oh yeah, on tv replay that’s foul.

Clearly foul…not particularly close…yeah, foul ball

Middle of two…no score

Yuli with another weak roller

Tucker with a weak roller to 2B

No score through two

with 4 OF and 1 guy on the left side