Jays @ Astros, April 22, 2022

Yeah, Astros are gonna have to hope JV throws a shutout and they manage four walks in an inning. They ain’t hitting their way to a run.

Two runs in the last 20 innings.

Where’s Jobu when you need him?

They need something. This is as bad an offense as I’ve ever seen at this level.


You should quit drinking his rum and switch to something else for awhile?

Drinking Diplimatico Planas. I thought it was safe c

JV doing his part. No score, middle of three.

Agreed. It’s been tough to watch them hit other than two games this season (13-run outburst in Anaheim and 8 runs in the home opener). Otherwise, they have been asking their pitchers to be close to perfect.

Dear lord, Chas. You got a cookie and did that?

Another weak ground ball


Machete with a 1-out 2-bagger

Come on, ump.

Peña with a walk. Two more and the Astros may get a run

Very solid AB by Pena

Peña is the only one who consistently has put up competitive at bats.

Man the zone gets huge when the Astros are at bat.

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Uncle Mike.

Single from Brantley loads the sacks, one out

Come on, Bregman…