Jays @ Astros, April 1, 2024 - *Blanco No Hitter*

How about a fuckin win already.


I like the cut of your jib.

Blanco walks the first hitter he faces. Wheee…

Have I mentioned how much I hate leadoff walks?

HPU is high. Awesome.

Should be 1-2 on Turner instead of 2-1.

Fucking hell, Abreu

Already with the bad calls

Fucker should be out on strikes right now.

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For fuck’s sake, Abreu.

Can I have Yuli back? Or at least Joey Loperfido called up?

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Turner grounds into what should have been an inning ending double play, but Abreu drops the throw.

How dare he bend down to catch the low throw?

It’s important that the starters throw as many pitches as fucking possible early.

This umpire scorecard is going to be so aggravating to see after the game.

Hit him in a bad spot…right in the glove.

That should have gone as an error on Abreu.

Altuve singles to the LF corner

I want Jose Abreu to succeed as an Astro, but he’s making my patience wear very thin.

Altuve with a nice swing.