Jays @ Astros, April 1, 2024 - *Blanco No Hitter*

I have no clue what thats supposed to mean.

Yordan hasn’t hit a home run, yet. I’d like to see that change.

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He’s been completely lost at the plate.


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All Hail King Tuck!

‘Tuve tank you
But was error corrected
Now old news

Agreed. I thought his swings on Holmes in the ninth inning yesterday were a positive sign.

That did not clarify anything. But onward and upward!

Bregman overmatched.


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Thought I’d put this here - April Fools Day Classic



That ball was fucking smoked.

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Yainer shot. Keep them coming!!

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You aren’t lying. That poor ball was annihilated.

Francis strikes out the side, but a couple of big flies make it 3-0 Astros after one.

Yainer is 7-12 as a catcher this season, following his trend last season of hitting better when he catches.

Need a shutdown inning, Ronel.

A zero would be YUGE!

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Three ground balls. I like it!

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