In Praise of iMac

Limey, is this the killer app that gets you to shell out?

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MLB + Statcast has so much VR potential. This isn’t a killer app yet for me, but imagine being able to park yourself anywhere on the field and watch the game or an instant replay.


I saw a thing where someone was cooking and the two pots each had their own timer hovering above them in 3D space.

Soccer players are already geotagged.

There was also the theoretical F1 app that takes the real-time telemetry and displays the entire race on your coffee table.

Just like the original iPhone, the sky’s the limit once people put their imagination to work.

…as long as people keep asking the Ian Malcolm “can vs should” question, but I think we’re long past that

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We blew right by that on Day #1 when some dude was shown crossing the street in one and the dude above was using it while his Tesla “self-drove”.

It’ll be less than a week before the first person dies wearing one.


It’s not fair that this thing does a better job at remembering window positions than Windows and macOS.

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Too good not to share.


This was inevitable, but I’m shocked that it’s an official Apple product.

I guess they’ve got their users pegged.



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Not sure where else to put this, but…

Wireless earbuds suck donkey balls. All of them. Especially Sennheiser.

So when my Sennheiser TW3 crapped out, and I’ll never buy another Sennheiser product by the way, I purchased a pair of Bose Ultra Open Earbuds. I have to say they are indeed unique. Truly “open back” ear buds. And they don’t go into your ear canals, which is something I never really liked about earbuds anyway. They don’t get particularly loud, which is probably a good thing, so I’m not surea about cranking the Dream Theater, but they excel at jazz. Listening to Sketches of Spain now, and it’s quite detailed. Oh, and they’re comfy as hell. You don’t even feel them or know they’re there. We shall see how long they hold up, but first impressions are good.

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So this has nothing to do with anything, but I was today years old when I discovered the icon for the clock app on my iPhone has an actual working seconds hand.

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Well, that makes two of us.


New iPads are out. Fastest ever…next level…context-free comparison stats…blah blah blah. No update to iPadOS as yet, though. The new iPads get the front-facing camera and speakers on the landscape edges, rather than top and bottom of the portrait edges, because du-uh.

The new iPad Pro is only 5.3mm deep, making it the second thinnest thing in the news today.

The big announcement is that the iPad Pro gets the M4 chip; the first (I think) Apple product to be released with that chip in it. The lede here being that the M4 is all about AI, as many observers expected it would be.

All eyes now pivot to WWDC in June - when the new OSes will be announced - where a ground up, AI-based redesign of the woeful Siri “smart” assistant is expected to be unveiled. Dollars to donuts that you’re going to need a new M4 Mac or iDevice to take advantage of it, though.

No way they exclude iPhones, which are probably a battery tech revolution away from packing any M-series chips.

Microsoft Copilot is close to being available locally/offline for those with powerful enough CPUs, and Intel and AMD have some beasts coming out later this year that will outperform even the M4. Given how far behind Apple has fallen, if they are serious about competing in the AI space they need to shoehorn Siri 2.0 into as many of their devices as possible. Fortunately, anyone with an A14 chip (2020 iPhones and iPads) or newer already owns a device with dedicated AI/ML processing capable of 10+ trillion operations per second. Even if local Siri is not quite as good as local Copilot, it could at least be more ubiquitous.

I bow to your greater tech expertise.

Apple has a big problem with people not upgrading their hardware every year because they’ve added some mostly meaningless performance bump. Siri 2.0 is the sort of thing that will get lots of people to slap down orders on the new kit.

I think the days of smartphone software driving hardware sales are largely behind us. Apple’s services business is way more profitable than their hardware anyway. I think their “have your cake and eat it too” approach would be to put Siri 2.0 - in part or whole - behind a monthly subscription.

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