Immaculate Grid - Spoilers & Boasts

I thought we should start a new thread for these so everyone can choose whether to delay exposure.

And on today’s, I failed the reading portion of the exam. After selecting several Astros who I was sure had one the Gold Glove, I realized that that column was for “200 K pitching”. Oops.


Today my boneheaded goof was playing Kenny Rogers instead of Kevin Brown.

9 out of 10 today. I totally blanked on Expos being Nationals for the GG. Sumbitch!

Your grid has 10?

My grid goes to 11


9, 10…whatever it takes

This is where I failed too. My gut said Zimmerman, my thumbs typed Trea Turner. I am mad at my thumbs

I typed Turner too. All the while knowing Gary Carter was the most obvious answer.

I went with Dawson.

The other day, instead of typing Sammy Sosa for the Cubs 40HR season, I thought I’d say a lesser known one for “better” score. I just knew that Aramis Ramirez had hit 40 homers for the Cubs one year. He did not, topped out at 38. Only one I missed that day

I went with Juan Soto.

I chose poorly.

Give time. I know it’s hard to believe he’s only 21 years old.


This is like intentionally dropping a popup thinking you’ll get an easy double play. And then kicking the ball. You tried to get cute and got burned.


I’m just not a good enough player to go for sicko scores, I just take the gimmes unless I know for certain an obscure guy played for both teams. I’m waiting on a Brewers-Orioles day to play Dennis Sarfate.

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I’ve made lots of dumb errors. But I never thought you would

I overthought things trying to get low percentage picks. I thought because I remembered him being traded to the Astros from the Expos, Jesus Alou had played for the Expos.

I swung and missed with Delino Deshields Jr. on my first guess today, then with Wade Miller on my second (200k). Trying to game the rarity score. Jesus fucking Christ.

My first 9 today! Not rare at all though. (221)

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I went with our very own Geoff Blum.

7/9 my Buddy Bell Rangers gold glove was a 1%er.

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