I titled this thread “Idiot” Shaming, because I wanted to keep it PG.

The white woman from Central Park - who became famous yesterday for making a false police report against a black man who told her to leash her dog (per park rules) while he filmed her doing it - is claiming that her life “is being destroyed right now.” Well, she just got fired from her job, with her employer putting out a statement on Twitter to that effect, so she’s not wrong there.

The video, which has tens of millions of views now, showed her in absolutely no danger whatsoever, threatening to call the cops on this guy (who was bird-watching, FFS!) and then doing so. But when making her report to the police, she emphasized that he is black and claimed to be in fear of her life, the latter part being patently untrue.

The thing here, for me, that turns this from just being saddened by her casual racism to cheering the ills that are now falling on her, is that she clearly was trying to weaponize racism against this man. She knows the history of cops vs. black men - particularly in New York - and she tried to bring that shit down on this man because he dared to ask her to leash her dog.

As if to highlight this point - or simply because it is another day ending in “y” - video has surfaced of Minnesota cops breezily choking the life out of a black man they were trying to detain for a non-violent charge. They had him on the ground, subdued, and one of them just casually put his knee on this poor man’s neck until he went unconscious, and later died.

This woman knows this is what can happen; she called the cops and told them she was in fear of her life. She was trying to bring pain and possibly death down on this innocent man. She deserves no pity.


The NYC video is aggravating, and she knew what she was saying. The Minny video is unbelievably disgusting.


The absolute depraved indifference to human life shown in that video made my skin crawl. I simply can’t forget it.

The MPD should hang their head in shame for hiring this psychopath and the chicken-shit cowards (I’m being kind, they could also be psychopaths) with him. They are a disgrace and the Chief should resign.

The “Three Little Pigs” should be tried for murder and “The Kneeler” needs to be skinned alive and packed in salt.


I have no words for what happened. I’m truly sick of all these people saying they respect life and yet they allow things like this to happen. They like to spout the counter argument that all lives matter - well that was proof that they don’t. I was there when my dad passed away and it was horrible. This was worse. I couldn’t watch the whole video. The police officers had no remorse of their actions.

And then there white woman was setting a black man up for the same type of situation. She was an “educated” woman who used terms specifically to bring him harm.

Then the response to the protest afterward. Exact opposite of what responses were to white people “protesting” to open the economy back up.

How anyone can say this country is not racist is beyond me.


The stark differences between the police responses brings into sharp relief that there are two Americas.

Real “tyranny” is being murdered by the state and then being assaulted en masse by the state when you demand accountability. That’s a far cry from the “tyranny” of being prevented from shopping at Hobby Lobby in person for a few weeks in the interest of public health.

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It’s truly sickening.

I don’t understand how a policeman (anyone) could be so unsympathetically cruel and be so nonchalantly malicious. I don’t understand how a policeman could stand by and watch instead of intervening and stopping it. It’s sociopathic. No justification for that behavior, ever.


3rd degree murder is kind of bullshit. It’s killing someone without intent. He fucking choked that guy to death on purpose. At the very least, there’s evidence supporting probable cause of intentional murder. This is all part of the whitewash.

Here’s the definition under MN law:

(a) Whoever, without intent to effect the death of any person, causes the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life, is guilty of murder in the third degree and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than 25 years.

Not that Chauvin deserves fairness but, to be fair, it would be very hard to prove intent to kill (which would elevate it to 2nd degree murder). The definition you cite looks eminently provable on the video evidence alone.

Also, this - and 2nd degree manslaughter - is what they convicted Mohamed Noor on, after he shot Justine Damond when responding to her 911 call. Of course, the cop who shot Philando Castile (I had forgotten this was Hennepin Co. too) was charged with 2nd degree manslaughter and some related gun crimes, and was acquitted on all counts.

FYI, 2nd degree manslaughter is:

A person who causes the death of another … by the person’s culpable negligence whereby the person creates an unreasonable risk, and consciously takes chances of causing death or great bodily harm to another.

The charging document says he was choking the guy for 9 minutes and he was non-responsive for the last 3 minutes. Throughout Floyd was saying he can’t breathe, everyone around him was telling him to stop. Chauvin was doing it consciously, not recklessly.

Noor accidentally shot someone in confusion and darkness. That’s doing something unreasonably dangerous and reckless, but without intent. Sure the facts here easily establish recklessness, but if he weren’t a cop and he choked someone to death you can be damn sure he’d be charged for first degree murder with third degree as a lesser included charge.

Good point, I wasn’t thinking about the length of time it took. Which is horrific to think about. Maybe they’ll up the charges later.

They did specifically leave open that possibility. But I’m skeptical.

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This is so disturbing. These fucking police are disgusting. All four must be charged.
FWIW two of the officers are minorities.

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That’s one of those things you can never unsee.

Just as disgusting, the coroner’s report is saying there is no evidence he died from asphyxiation or strangulation, and he likely died from “underlying causes”. The whole incident is on video, the police nonchalantly murdering this man on a public street, in broad daylight, but apparently they are sticking to “underlying causes”. People should be angry. The people in Minneapolis SHOULD be apoplectic over this. People everywhere should.


Well, technically, I think they said they couldn’t be sure it was asphyxiation from the neck hold. You know, it might have been compression of his chest by the second guy kneeling on him. Or it could have been the third guy compressing his kidneys by kneeling on those. And since you can’t be sure who it was, it’s probably best just to let them all go, don’t you think?

If the “underlying causes” rendered him feeble enough that he was going to keel over just from the stress of being arrested, I’m not sure why such extreme physical measures were necessary to detain him. You can’t have it both ways.


The old firing squad defense: we all shot him so we can’t be sure who killed him.

Does the Minneapolis police department not issue handcuffs to its officers or did Mr Floyd possess superhuman powers?

I’m pretty sure he was cuffed, too.

He was cuffed, when he kept saying he couldn’t breath, the officer kept mockingly saying “well then get in the car”. They were just fucking with him while they casually choked the life out of him.