I am here

I do not doubt Waldo’s word about the necessity of moving here, but I think it will be a miracle if our large group of regulars do the tasks required to move over. Perhaps a daily or weekly roll call might be a good idea to determine who is not here yet so Waldo can prod them individually. If ennui and no patience with the procedure required to move here effectively ends the forum and the community Kev and Scott created, I will have one more reason to be pissed at MLB, the BBGs, and Taubman for ruining the Astros dream season. Surely this cannot happen.


Yeah, we need to get people here. It is a slow time, without a lot of baseball news happening but that will change shortly. I personally like the way this forum works, it is similar to the Coogfans forum that I get on occasionally. I’m not looking forward too much to seeing a lot of silly memes even if some of them might actually be funny or relevant.

HTF do I get to my profile to make changes? I stumbled into it once but do not remember how.

Never mind. I stumbled into it again. Miracle!

good morning fellow owa ites. I will light a candle and hope I do not burndown the new site

I am not insensitive to any of this, but I think I have more faith that people will move over. It’s been a long time since the last one, but we’ve had to make moves like this before: we changed forums within 2-3 years of our initial launch, and then changed again 2-3 years after that. I don’t recall those being a huge problem in the past, because ultimately people who care about being part of the community will make the move. If spending five minutes registering a new account and saving a new bookmark is too much of an obstacle, there’s not a whole lot I can do to help that.

I’ll keep a close eye on the user counts. We’re currently at 42 here; by comparison, the old forum had 80 active registered users within the last week and about 150 active within the last year, so we’re already doing pretty well. It’s a holiday week - which we chose on purpose - so I wasn’t expecting a lot of people posting the next few days anyway unless some major news breaks. Plus, in my experience with these sorts of things a lot of people won’t make the move until they are forced to. We could have just closed up the old forum and made people come here immediately, but there’s an equal risk of frustration with that. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I feel like the two-week period is a sufficient amount of time to notify people about the change and let them move over when they’re ready.

And that is to say nothing of the technical issues plaguing the old forum. New user registrations were broken. A lot of the plugins were broken. The few updates that were released for it were broken. For a while I was actually concerned that it wouldn’t survive the strain of added postseason activity and strongly considered launching this forum at the end of the regular season.

Hopefully that helps assuage your fears. I think we’ll be fine, if not better.

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I understand all this. We had a large loyal community which had grown comfortable with the site and its features. I hope all make the move.

Not so large in recent years, unfortunately.

I am talking about only regular posters. I have no clue about the total body count.

I am too. Only about 150 have logged in within the last year.

I think you’re vastly overestimating the comfort level of the old board.

The software was totally outdated and lacking in features.

Getting registered here takes about 5 seconds, and this site is SO much easier to use.


I’m here. For some reason, I like everyone here enough to stick around through forum changes, name changes, you name it.

No doubt. I usually am wrong.

I am glad you made the change mate, the main reason I got in early is I am curious who will be the first to get a ‘fuck off’ from Jim in the new era?

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Mike Fiers


I’ve had some difficulties with the transition.

I’m apparently now female.
And an Aggie.
And a Bill O’Brien apologist.

And really, I could handle all that, but I also now apparently identify as a Bud Selig fan.

@Waldo, I need some help with those settings.

I hope everybody on the old forum makes it over. We should probably try, through word of mouth, to bring in some new blood. For all of our faults, this is the most intelligent baseball talk I’ve ever found.

No faults in the TZ, pal. We’re baseball smart, and we’re good.

I’m here, but I will probably continue to be a fly on the wall. I’m on this site every day and don’t know what I’d do without it.