Houston @ KC, 9/16/2023

All we need is a bloop and a bloop and a bloop and a bloop and a bloop and a blast to have a chance

Top of the order…

Altuve with a leadoff single

Need 37 bloops and 12 blasts to have a chance

Bregman with a knock

Alvarez with an RBI double!

Tucker up with runners at 2B and 3B, represents the tying run…

Tucker gets a 2-0 cookie and pops to shallow LF

Crush that ball, Tucker. Asshole.

If Tucker doesn’t unfuck himself, this team may not win another game.

Abreu grounds out, Bregman scores

Last chance Chas…

4-pitch walk to Chas

Up to Diaz…

2 on, 2 out for Yainer

Make or Break lineup guy is about to make or break this game

And that’s the ballgame

Astros stomp their dicks. 10-8 Royals is your final.

They must like that, it’s becoming a thing.

Time to [throws up in mouth] cheer for the Dodgers … again.

I am so fucking sick of this shit

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What in the literal fuck is this team doing right now?

It’s fucking Harvest and I don’t have time to worry about this bullshit.

That’s not going to matter. The Astros now have to win tomorrow, sweep the Royals and the Mariners next week to have a shot.