Houston @ KC, 9/16/2023

Alvarez DH
McCormick LF
Dubón CF

France on the mound

For fuck’s sake I’d like to watch a win today

Oh, good, the return of Bregman to the 2-hole. Appropriate, I suppose, since it’s a shitty idea.

Bregman at #2 is slashing .374 .465 .610 1.075 in 144 PAs in the 2nd half of this season.

eta: after a really hot month+, Bregman has been absolute dogshit the past 7 games: .154 .207 .346 .553 (4 GIDP, 2 RBI). Maybe this will get him out of his funk.

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Well, color me embarrassed.

What’s Houston’s record with him in the 2 hole, I wonder?

I shall not speculate.

18-12 in the 2nd half

Toronto, who are 2 games back of the Stros and own the tiebreaker, go to the 11th against Boston

Rain delay in KC

The storms are progressive so they should move through pretty quickly. I assume that KC has upgraded their field and it is reasonably quick drying. There are a couple of cells to the north west near Falls City behind this initial line, but they are small and, I am hoping, they will dissipate as they near in a couple of hours as they hit the stable air created by these current storms.

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6:45 expected first pitch per Astros twitter


I’m not sure about their field and don’t know if he still has anything to do with it, but their one time grounds keeper, George Toma, was known as the God of Sod.


This is pretty cool, didn’t know they were doing this tonight:


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“The Sodfather”. He’s done every outdoor Super Bowl, and the 2 Olympics and 1 World Cup played in the US.

There are several cool museums in KC (depending on how you feel about Hallmark), and the Negro League Museum is one of the awesomer ones.

And I’m not sure that ugly fucking Oxy advertisement is authentic.

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Altuve takes a 2-strike hanging curve right down the center square to get the party started.

You do something cool and then taint it with that stupid fucking thing


Astros off to a putrid start, as expected. No score.

I hope France is ready to throw a shutout because that’s the only chance they have at winning

He needs to hold them to -1 runs.