Hot Stove

Rendon to the Angels. 7 years, $245M.

Good for him. Also from McTagert: Luhnow shot down rumors the club had considered trading star shortstop Carlos Correa, who called Luhnow from his honeymoon on Tuesday and asked him if he was on the trade block. Luhnow told him to enjoy his vacation and not read rumors.

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Not really a ‘no’.

Trea Turner is butt hurt he lost his favorite player.

Kluber to the Rangers?

Passan reporting Bumgarner to Arizona on a 5-year deal.

We kinda did nothing to shore up pitching.

Looks like Bumgarner is getting $17 million per year. He would have looked good in an Astro Jersey. Would it be worth talking to satan about Keuchel? Surely he would be making around that kind of money. When he left I kind of felt like we got the best out of him and that he might be regressing. And I can’t imagine the relationship between Houston and Keuchel would be very good these days. Not sure what options are left without making a trade.


So Miley won’t be back and we have lost Cole. LMJ is back and we have youth with Urquidy, James and Whitley. I’d still feel better if we signed another arm. I’d like to see the brass take a flyer on Julio Tehran. I know last season wasn’t his best, but he still had a sub-4 ERA and is only 29. Might not cost you arm and a leg either.

I’m sure Houston expected Whitley to be further along when they expected Cole to leave. Maybe he will surprise some people in spring training. A lot of question marks next year for sure.

With Bumgarner going to the DBacks, lots of talk of them trading Robbie Ray. He’s a high strikeout lefty that’s sort of stagnated. Any interest as a Strom project?

Wasn’t he mentioned as a trade target for the Astros before the deadline?

Could be, I don’t remember. He seems like he has some upside and is the type of pitcher the Astros like.

Thinking that the Astros will not make a big play and go with James, Whitley or Uriquidy. I believe at some point in the near term that Correa will be traded for more assets - budget is high and will get higher and he injured a lot

Its possible. There is always the trade deadline if we wanted to add another arm. Seems stros are comfortable with that route. Please sign Harris.

He was mentioned as the target before Greinke’s name came up.

Any interest in Chris Archer if the Pirates are willing to trade him? Owed 9 Million this year with an option for next year with a very small buy out.

If the prospect cost is cheap enough, sure. Ray is a free agent after this season.

Another good target. The Astros liked Archer a lot when he was in Tampa Bay, and he never took to the Ray Searage philosophy of throwing a lot of sinkers down in the zone.