Hot stove 2021

Figured I’d start a thread for non-Astros offseason moves so the 2021 roster thread doesn’t get diluted.

First off, the White Sox have called the world’s bluff and hired the tank commander to manage their 2021 squad.

Recall that he developed an electronic sign stealing scheme his first go round leading the sox.

Which apparently is ok because he was not an Astro.


It was communicated via telegraph

Smoke signals.

What a weird choice.

Do they think Southsiders are clamoring for this?

For those of y’all who think “No one could be older than JimR.”

LaRussa is.

LaRussa managed the MLB debut of:

Albert Pujols
Mark McGwire
Harold Baines

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Is there a bot that can automatically repost Jackastro’s tweets so we can pretend that he still hangs out here?


A year younger than 1M.

Make of this what you will:

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Hey, CWS, you misspelled “LaRussa”.

According to this article, MLB Network reported Hinch was a candidate for the CWS as late as this morning, but USA Today says he was never interviewed for the job:

Wow, JimR with the old man smack. That is when you know some one is old.

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I like to deny I am old, but you guys won’t let me.

You don’t look a day older than you are!

I hope he doesn’t fall asleep during the game.

Happ fought with them all year. No thanks, imo.