Homeless A's at Houston Astros, May 14, 2024

The longest extra inning game since the ghost runner was instituted was 16 innings. But, I still think you shouldn’t change the rules in extra innings. Teams should have to score by traditional means to win a game.

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To be fair, if we weren’t in the tenth I’d be in bed by now.

Also, I’d be annoyed with myself at how beautifully written the first half of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is, and then it got so turgid that I just want to be done with it. My chances of reading Ulysses waxed and waned significantly over the last two weeks.


Sac bunt or sac fly. Same result as Cabbage moves to third.

Thank you, good night


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Thank you, front office, for signing Victor Carratini. What an under the radar win.


Caratini is has been the best free agent signing this year, so far.

Best addition since Dubon.

I haven’t even taken a run at Ulysses. I remember what you describe with respect to PotAaaYM, but I’ve returned to Dubliners a few times and always get something out of it.

Let me know how you make out with Finnegans Wake.

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You’re saying Dana Brown did something right?

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Is this the first three game streak this year?

No. Second time. They won three straight over the Rockies and Guardians.

Portrait is my favorite by Joyce.