Homeless A's at Houston Astros, May 14, 2024

Wheel of lineups, turn and turn, tell us what lesson we must learn…

2b Altuve
RF Tucker
DH Alvarez
SS Pena
3b Bregman
C Diaz
1b Singleton
CF Meyers
LF Dubon

P Blanco

A couple of pokey 375’ ding dongs to the short porch and a misplayed “double” and Bregman is back in a power position. Yeah, that makes sense. Goodness.

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The bandana is still working!

B2: TK gets his turn to call a BREGGY BOMB

1-0 good guys

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Great to hear Julia talk about yesterday’s HR call - “the closest I’ll ever come to hitting a home run.”

Singleton just on the fists otherwise that’s gone

Altuve has a .525 OPS this month. Cue some other commentator saying that the Astros offense is hitting on all cylinders

The Oakland A’s broadcast has entered the chat.

Blanco is ejected for a foreign substance on his glove

“He’s a sweater”

Bummer with the exact point - if they’ve been checking the glove the whole game, why would he have it coming out of the dugout now??

Taylor Scott coming in

Don’t know what they’re saying on the Astros broadcast, but A’s team is speculating it’s about the rosin.

Their focus is on how much Sears was sweating and that using more rosin would be likely under those circumstances. Espada mentioned the stadium seemed unusually warm.

Sadly, that nuance/context is lacking here.

Also pointing out that this was not a quick decision - it’s not like there was an obvious substance.

Dallas Braden now adding more context to this, saying he understands how it’s humid and you’re going to use rosin more than perhaps normal as well as the fact the umpiring crew checked the glove in the first inning. Actually a quite reasonable explanation.

ETA - and just brought up the Yankees being able to rinse off the rosin, “very curious.”

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Stay gone LAZ, stay gone.

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T6: Montero in, still 1-0

Things I did not expect: Montero with a sub-1 WHIP

I just want to know what it takes for Joe Espada to show emotion and back his players on the field. Your starting pitcher got screwed by the umpiring crew and you don’t go ballistic and get your money’s worth defending him?