HOF today

Ortiz in. No one else. Bonds, Clemens, and Wagner left outside.

Ortiz is clean of peds, I assume?

Literally, no.

The writers are excluding the best players of all time while the committees are electing Harold Baines. What a joke.


The PED folks have done their time. It still is going on. Not a reason, imo.


Ask Frank Thomas and Doug Flutie

As much as I can’t stand Bonds, he did not need PED’s to be a great player.

And they sell androgen supplements today; without irony. Ortiz marketed himself well, with a sympathetic sportspress and a happy persona.

Ortiz got caught and apologized, Clemens and Bonds were accused and said, “fuck you!” It’s so obvious.

Either I missed that development or I’m missing your joke. All he ever said is that he didn’t do it and he never failed “an official” test.

My memory is faulty. I guess he never actually admitted to knowingly taking PEDs. The apology I remembered was actually for causing a “distraction” over the accusation issue.

A hall of fame without the best players, stops being what it says it is. If this keeps up, people will quit going to Cooperstown.

“Was he the best daddy”
“Well he was the best that didn’t get caught during a time when most of the players were trying things that weren’t against the rules”.


It is already bad enough that Bonds’ record home run ball is sitting in Cooperstown with an asterisk carved into it because some fashion designer wanted to insert himself into history.

Point of order: steroids were against the rules since 1990, the entirety of Ortiz’s career, and almost all of Bonds’s.

Fwiw, ARod did apologize.

Had he played his entire career in NY or Boston, and not primarily in Seattle and Texas, he’d be in the HOF. Bill James wrote a book on the machinations of Cooperstown

Roger Clemens, who made 77% of his career regular season starts and 79% of his postseason starts in a Red Sox or Yankees uniform, says hi.


Facts are so inconvenient to some.


Also, Arod played 12 years in New York, 7 in Seattle, and 3 in Arlington. He’s more Yankee than Mariner or Ranger.


Saw this stat earlier, and so I had to verify it. It’s true:

If all 762 of Barry Bonds’s home runs had been caught for outs instead of going over the fence, and none of them plated a run, his career OBP is still .384…which would still be 150th highest all-time…higher than Ortiz’s .380…higher than 74 other HOFers, including Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey, Jr, and of course, Derek Jeter.