HOF today

I saw Bonds for several years in ST. He and Ted Williams were the two best hitters I have seen. He rarely swung at a bad pitch or missed when he swung, and he squared everything up. He was HOF great if he never touched steroids at all.


A Rod, Bonds, Clemens (and Schilling) are widely disliked.

That’s the multiplier applied to all their career achievements/shortcomings.


Astros HoF announced Tal Smith and Terry Puhl will be inducted this year.

Puhl made his debut in 1977 and finished his career in 1991.

He’s in the club’s top ten for hits, games played, and WAR.

He hit .280 for his career, and .370 in 13 postseason games. He made the All Star game in 1978.

He was inducted into the Canadian Baseball HoF in 1995.

Well done for the team to honor such a fine career IMO.


My all time favorite Astros player. Quietly did his job and did it well, day in and day out. Only Bagwell and Biggio played more years in an Astros uniform. Congrats Terry! Well deserved.


One of the fun things about this Astros team is having two hitters who are mirror images (literally in the latter case) of Terry Puhl and Jose Cruz in Brantley and Gurriel.

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