Help with Facebook

My account was hacked and they changed the password and associated phone number and email address. My account is still there, I just can’t log in and you cannot report a hacked account unless you’re logged in. Which is the dumbest fucking thing imaginable. Anyone ever had this experience? Is it possible to resolve? I’ve yet to find any way to contact Facebook. Any help would be appreciated.

@HudsonHawk Have you tried this: Report compromised account

Also, this is directly from Meta: If the email associated with your account has changed, you can reverse this. When an email is changed, we send a message to the previous email account with a special link. You can click this link to reverse the email change and secure your account.

My account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission.

Man, that sucks. I’ve had nothing but frustrating experiences with their (total lack of) customer service. I think there is a feature where your friends can report your account as hacked, or at least there used to be.

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Yes, I tried that link and it requires you to log into your account to do anything. Which is stupid. When I went through the hacked account login stuff, it asks you to log in with an old password. When you do it says they’ll send a verification to the fake email or phone number.

It also tells me the password was changed earlier today. No email. So they’re lying about that.

So if any of my Facebook friends here get some weird shit, it’s not me.

Figured you had. I hate how all these online social media platforms make it near impossible to talk to anyone in customer service. It’s terrible.

So i shouldn’t expect delivery of the boner pills you endorsed?

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There is no way to contact them. No help line, no email, no phone number…nothing

It’s beyond terrible by design and it is purposeful and also typical of an unregulated industry.

I’ve found that out trying to help you here. It’s terrible.

Agreed on all points. There needs to be regulation of social media platforms. I say that as someone that has managed accounts for businesses for many years.

The major problem with facebook is that their customers are advertisers, users are their product.


So they have no use for a user help service. I bet if you were a big advertiser there is a way to reach customer service.

Oh I’m sure.

I guess that’s just the end of the line for me.

I bet they make it hard as shit to cancel an ad, though.

I lost access to my old account back ten or eleven years ago. Long story short, I was using a password manager for both Facebook and my recovery email… and lost access to the password manager. Not my best move. There was literally nothing I could do to contact them, so I think that account is still just sitting there idle with whatever dumbass profile picture I was using back then. I pray it’s been deleted for inactivity or something.

They even accept payment in Roubles.

Mine was actively hacked and they changed the email and phone number associated with it, along with the password. I know none of those things now, so I’m just shit outta luck.

Widespread implementation of passkeys cannot come fast enough. Why the likes of Meta and Xitter aren’t all over this is beyond me.

So I went to the “friend’s account hacked” page. It simply says “tell your friend to go to the hacked account page”. Which is useless.

The only thing you might try is checking your email that was tied to the account and see if Facebook/Meta sent you an email with a special link (they say they do this when an email for an account has changed). If they did, you can click that link to reverse the email change.