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Last night Dusty said he was tired of our guys getting hit. Everyone assumed he meant by the Mariners and brought out the the Astros hit the M’s 10 times this year where the Astros were hit only 5 by the M’s. But there is much more to this.

This year the Astros have been hit 72 times. 17 of those have come in the last 30 days. Six of those were Yordan. 9 have come in the last 15 days, 3 of those Yordan. Maybe that has something to do with the comment.

Yes the Astros have hit 10 M’s this year. Six times, it has by Ty France, who leads the league with 33 HBP this season. He leads the AL by 13 HBP. The M’s have been hit 109 times this year. France has almost 1/3 of them. He was 3rd in the league in 2022 (21) and tied for first in 2021 (27). By comparison, Biggio only had 6 total seasons over 20 HBP ( 95 (22),96 (27), 97 (34), 98 (23), 01 (28) and 03 (27).

All this to say the HBP going on between these two teams isn’t apples to apples.

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I pointed out a lot of this earlier thanks to the world’s worst wannabe beat reporter’s post about Dusty’s comments:

But there’s some definite good information here, @Duman !


@MarkR I knew I had read it somewhere but couldn’t find it to respond so I guessed it was on twitter. Thank for connecting the dots for me.


Back foot breaking balls and FBs to the ribs can both be HBPs but they ain’t the same thing.


Especially hits to the back. Visuals of hits to Tucker and, most recently, Chaz come quickly to mind.

@ Duman, thank you for clarifying the scope of Dusty’s concern (more than the HPB by Seattle).

Here’s a fun little factoid to go along with the discussion of HBPs:

Without looking anything up, can you name this player? I heard them talking about it on the radio last night (the Astros broadcast, in case you were wondering).

My first thought was Otis Nixon but turns out he got HBP 5 times in his 17 year career and only had 11 HR.

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Had to look it up, that’s crazy. I figured it was someone who played a lot longer ago than that.


I was blown away too.

I don’t even know how to look it up.


Gonna guess an NLer who hit in the 8 spot frequently.

Maybe a catcher?

10 in the NL.
1 in the AL.

Middle infielder.

ETA with a few cameos at 3rd.

And I’m unaware of where I can see historical lineup breakdowns easily, so I cannot confirm or deny 8 hole hitter.

ETA: After a little digging, almost entirely 7 or 8 hole, but a few seasons he hit fairly frequently in the 2.

It’s one of the few times I’ve used my special search powers as a paying baseball-reference subscriber. (I subscribe mostly for the same reason I donate to Wikipedia—I get so much value out of this free thing that I just want to chip in a little.)


I found a way to look at season by season lineups for a player, so it wasn’t super difficult to find the info.

Oh I meant searching for guys with a certain number of career PA and 0 HBP.

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Mark Belanger?

No, mostly NL you said

Weirdly, you’re close in one sense.

I had to look it up, too.

He played most of his career for the organization that was Astros’ playoff nemesis in the late 90s/early 2000s.