Around the AL West 2023

I just got an email telling me Postseason tickets are now on sale!! I’m on the fence.

So are the Astros.


More like impaled on the fence.


Me either. They’ll be lucky to win another game. Whenever you see the fundamentals breaking down so dramatically like this, it’s clear they are done.


Dusty stirs the pot about 'Stros HBP…

HOU pitchers have hit 10 SEA batters

SEA pitchers have hit 5 HOU batters

What an absolutely painful, dumbfuck stat to cite without any context at all.

Ty France alone has been hit 33 times this season, which is 13 more than the next person on the list, Andres Gimenez of the Guardians.

Editing to add: Yordan leads the Astros in HPB at 13. FUCKING THIRTEEN.

The Mariners lead all of baseball with 109 HPB, while the Astros are 12th at 72.

It almost would stand to reason the Mariners crowd the plate and tend to get hit a lot more than other teams instead of posting some solo stat with zero information around it that makes it look like Astros pitchers are hitting Mariners on purpose.

Fucking Christ you’re exhausting.

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Ignore is your friend.


Yordan’s HR is tied for the lowest launch angle (16 degrees) by any hitter in any park this year.

You’ve screwed this up in two threads now.



116 mph, but 16 degrees, Thanks, Mark.

He is not trying to help you. He is trying to get you to read more, post less. Here is a tip: stop talking about other teams’ announcers. As HH told you last night, no one on this site gives a fuck about them.


I sometimes will listen to the other teams’ broadcasts but only because I like to know who is good at it and who is shitty at it. There are a couple of teams that have real good crews, Baltimore and Toronto for instance, but most are shitty like the Rangers. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Astros broadcasts are as good as it gets.


I guess what I have been saying is I do not care which other broadcasters are good or are bad. If you do, good for you. What I am certain about is I do not a fuck about what they think of the Astros. HH expressed my view last night. Any opinions other teams’ broadcasters have will not be well-informed and may be simply parroting the “cheaters” narrative I abhor.


They have eyes and have seen our guys beat them. They notice things in the present; some share nuances about the game; all want their team to win NOW. They waste NO air time with 2016…

Old news.

I have heard opposing broadcasters spend 1 - 2 minutes extolling Chaz’s ability and power to the opposite field as well as his coverage in CF. They genuinely appreciate his talent as well as other Astros and tell some of their stories, in the way many non-Angels fans nod to Othani’s talent (not comparing the two players).

I just enjoyed their broadcast of the 7th inning last night as the 'Stros got on base, kept hitting, and scored three runs to put the game away. Then added Maldy’s HR in the 8th.


By all means, Jim, do it your way. I prefer Five Guys to Burger King.

Fine. Just stop carrying your Five Guys into our Burger King.


Would personally have gone with “Sir, this is a Wendy’s” there.

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Here’s a chart of the permutations for the rest of the season.

W L Astros W L Mariners W L Rangers
4 0 89-73 4 0 93-69
3 0 90-72 3 1 88-74 3 1 92-70
2 1 89-73 2 2 87-75 2 2 91-71
1 2 88-74 1 3 86-76 1 3 90-72
0 3 87-75 0 4 85-77 0 4 89-73
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So if the Astros win 2 of 3, they’re in.

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Oops…that is incorrect. If the Astros only win 2 of three, they still need a Seattle loss.

Yep. Their destiny is very much in their own hands against Gallen and the D-Backs.

The pointless naval gazing that inspired the chart was what permutation would allow JV to not pitch this weekend in order to be ready for a potential game 1, which could occur if the Mariners lose tonight and tomorrow and the Astros win tomorrow. But that’s obviously putting the cart well before the horse.