Guardians @ Astros, August 2, 2023

No-hitter hangover, getaway game…

Busy inning for Abreu.

Single to 1B
3U double play.

Astros coming to bat.


Dubon draws a leadoff walk, Pena strikes out on a pitch in the dirt as Dubon is picked off of 1B.


Boy, that was ugly.

Tucker doubles, of course.

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I’m sure Alex mentioned that was high

Bregman walks on ball six

Two on, two out for Alvarez…

So I guess today is gonna be another day where homeplate has no clue what a strikezone is

Peña’s selectivity on the strikeout pitch.l: oof.

The fact it was caught halfway up the 1B line made the pickoff throw easier.

Alvarez flies out.

Astros dickstomp themselves out a potential inning

No score

You got a really good game called last night. Don’t be greedy.

Back to back 2-out singles for the Guardians…

Dubon makes that play a high percentage.

So of course the next batter singles.

walk loads the bases

That felt inevitable.

And a double makes it 2-0

Another walk loads the bases again

This is going downhill hill fast.