Guardians @ Astros, August 2, 2023

Fucking hell.

Both ball 4s were over the heads of the batters.

Middle of two…2-0 Guardians

Thank you 3BU.

Reset, Ronel.

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Holy fuck, ump

Oh, fuck this guy.

I hope the dugout made some noise over that shit.

Leadoff single for Abreu

Nice swing Jose.

Can we have the HPU back again from yesterday?


Drop the hammer, Chas!!

Chas is my hero.

Chas fixes the problem.

Yainer with a knock

Maldy is cold chillin’ in the dugout today.

New ballgame. Hell yeah, Chas.

Julks turns a 2-0 cookie into two outs

Corey didn’t get the ‘we’re all gonna get base hits this inning’ memo.

Good news and bad news this inning

Dubon flies out

But the bottom half of the order gets it done

2-2…after two