Graduation gifts

Changing gears here…any suggestions on high school graduation gifts? Cash is always an option, but seems impersonal, especially for a family member. My own was a long time ago, and things change. Thoughts?

Commemorative cloth masks

What are their plans?

I always give pillows to those going away to college along with something else. (Cash or more personal).

I got a portable typewriter.

Candlesticks always make a nice gift.



He’s off to Baylor on a baseball scholarship. I was thinking something useful in college, but a portable typewriter might not be that thing. He’s in San Antonio, and delivery won’t be in person, so perhaps cash is best. Was just thinking out loud, and considering something more personal.

Lots of condoms.

Amazon gift card then with an Astros cap. That way it’s not just cash.


My nephew, who just started college, had some workout earbuds and a nice watch on his Christmas list last year.


He had offers from some pretty strong academic schools…Harvard, Duke, and Tulane, but the girl situation at those schools is not all that it could be, apparently. So you’re not that far off.

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Kudos to him, and I’m sure this is a personal shortcoming but I’m struggling to put myself in the headspace that would choose to live in Waco over New Orleans or Boston.


I would prefer Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill to any of them.

Two words: baseball scholarship

Baylor is a better baseball school than the others, I think.

I’ve actually never been to that area. But I’ve been to Waco, and would chose NC over that.

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Pick one. When I lived there Raleigh was nice, an not too crowded. Durham was a shithole. Chapel Hill was frat boys named Biff, Skip, and Corky.

He got the best scholarship offer from Baylor, plus it was always his dream to play there. And while he is a very good student, I don’t think the academic rigor is something he looks forward to. The Air Force Academy wanted him, and that would have been the best deal financially, but he had no interest in the military. Stanford came and talked to him but said they would not make any offer until his senior season. Of course, he did not get to play it, so he’s probably glad he signed when he did.

That’s the very best reason anyone could have.

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It’s still Waco, no matter how thinly you slice it.

I went to Waco once. Once!

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