General TV Thread

I’m sorry, I thought you said PBS.

Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I think you can still play them on PS5. If not then you can go for Fallout 4

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Am I right in guessing that the main characters in the show are from different iterations of the game?

Completely new characters. There are a lot of actual NPCs represented throughout the show like the chicken fucker.

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So that answers my next stupid question: Lucy McLean is named after John’s daughter from Die Hard.

And you’ll notice weird behavior from the “NPCs” in the show like after finishing a conversation they’ll turn strangely and run off for no real reason. That’s directly from the game.

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Shogun E9 is intense.

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Really enjoyed Manhunt on Apple+

I case you were interested, SNL continues to squander the weekly all-you-can-eat buffet of lampoonable news. The only thing of note this week was dual role host and musical guest Dua Lipa.

Few artists have tried to pull this off, and she did it with aplomb. Poised and self-effacing during the monologue, she was natural and versatile in the sketches. She banged out two solid music numbers too.

Meanwhile, Welcome to Wrexham opens with a classic line from Reynolds. Describing their major beat down by Chelsea on the US tour, he said “they gave us 90 minutes of shut the fuck up.”

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I finally gave in and signed up for a Dropout TV subscription this week.

I’m working my way through Game Changer first, and it’s definitely worth the 6 dollars a month by itself, even without checking out the rest of the available shows.

I have been watching “Sugar” on Apple+. Colin Ferrall is an old school private detective in LA. He has been hired to find the granddaughter of a high powered Hollywood producer. But of course it is more complicated than it seems. He is a film noir movie buff and keeps having flashbacks to black and white movie clips. The plot twist in episode 6 is a biggie!


That’s been on my radar. Glad to see it’s worth a watch.