General Movie Thread

No. I could do that, but I am worried about the legalities around streaming content to third parties.

The legalities of the despecialized editions is already a little fuzzy. As recommended by those in the know, I purchased a 4K copy of the trilogy (I have lost count as to how many versions I have bought over the years). There might be a defensive argument to be made there, but rebroadcasting them…


I really enjoyed Unfrosted on Netflix.

It had the right amount of seriousness for a movie about pop tarts: none at all.

Many, many actors/comedians in it.

Have you seen this?
(1957 Monterrey, Mexico team won 13 straight Little League WS games.)

The Perfect Game” (2009)

Just found out that a couple of my old school mates produced the Oscar-winning film “The Zone of Interest”, which looks creepy as fuck given that it’s about the commandant of Auschwitz and was filmed on location there.

It’s pulled in $50 million worldwide, but I’m not rethinking my life choices or anything.


…and now Edgar Wright is rumored to be on board as director.

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Hearing nothing but great things about “The Fall Guy”. I mean, everyone is saying it’s just a perfect action/comedy.