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Yeah, it’s not subtle about much of it (this is not a criticism):


The non-business executive types are naturally selfless and risk themselves to help others without a moment’s hesitation. Conversely, the CEO-type is all about saving himself above all others, and will literally throw others at a problem to save his own ass. The main protagonist starts off at one end of that spectrum - the wrong one - and ends his perfect character arc at the other.

Have you seen “Bargain”? It’s just hit Paramount+ and looks very interesting.

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I watched Bargain. I liked bits and pieces.

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I’ve seen it advertised here but I don’t have Paramount so I gotta look into ahem alternative methods. We did watch Moving on Disney+ which has its good and bad points. Some really good episodes mixed with cheesy CG but I enjoyed it overall considering its one of the first local takes on “superheroes”.

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I’m ready for trick or treaters tonight.


I forgot all about “Motel Hell”. What a weird, stupid movie.

Edited to add: Roger Ebert liked it! 3 out of 4 stars! Motel Hell movie review & film summary (1980) | Roger Ebert


Best movie synopsis ever.



The recent Beavis and Butthead movie (“:Do the Universe”,2022) is great. Apology if mentioned.

I have pricked on enough about the despecialized versions of the Star Wars original trilogy. However, this revisit is because I have just downloaded the finished version of the 4k Star Wars.

I’m not even watching it on a 4k TV (waiting for Amazon to show up with the new 4k living room TV), and it looks absolutely amazing even being downscaled to 2k (fka 1080p). The colors are just so vivid and the picture soooooooo sharp.

The Project 4K77 people have completed the same process for ROTJ (Project 4K83), which apparently was a doddle as they obtained a pristine theatrical 35mm print of the film.

4K80 (ESB) is delayed as the film print they have is badly damaged in places. They have to cobble together segments from other sources to fill in where the print is corrupt. The saving grace is that ESB is the movie in the OT that Lucas fucked with the least. As long as the damage has avoided spoodgified segments of the movie, it should be too hard to cull what they need from a 4k BD.

Anyway, if you have the bandwidth and storage capacity - they’re ~60GB each - I highly recommend picking them up.

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The 4K upscale of TRON is (also) excellent.


Not dissing upscaled Tron at all but, for clarification, the Star Wars OT despecialized versions are new 4k scans from 35mm film. They’re not upscaled Blu Ray rips.

I love Star Wars (1977) - #7 - and I love Tron (1982) - #50 - in Best Movies (for me).

A New Hope (1999 - Gredo shot first, the Jabba scene, and more) is 3 stars…

Tron held up much better than I thought it would- I introduced it to my son last week, me seeing it for the first time in 40 years, and it was fresh.

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Feng shui ain’t got shit on Tron, son.


Now watching Star Wars in 4K on my new living room TV. All I can say is that I’m totally blown away.


Beat me to it

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What’s the best way to watch it on a normal 4K HDR screen? Like, what’s the best medium to download it on to watch it?

In the downloads, they are not on some sketchy torrent site, are they?

I’m using Plex. They’re an MKV Matroska file so, unless you want to transcode the files (and lose image quality in the process), you’ll need something that can play that format natively.

They’re available from multiple sources and some are, indeed, torrent sites. I got my original 720p versions from a torrent site and came through unscathed, but it’s obviously not without risk.

If you go to the Project 4K77 website and sign up, you’ll find the information you need to make your own risk-reward decision.

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